Best answer: What is a Spanish Padre?

From Spanish padre (“father, priest”), from Latin pater.

What does padre mean in Spanish slang?

Means “That’s great!” or “How awesome!” or something to that effect. “Padre” not only means “father” in Spanish, but also, in Mexico, as this expression demonstrates, it has a second meaning of “cool”, “great”, “wonderful”, etc.

What does a padre do?

A padre is a Christian priest, especially one who works with the armed forces.

Does padre mean friend?

“Padre” connotes closeness or deep friendship!

Is padre a word in English?

noun, plural pa·dres [pah-dreyz, -dreez; Spanish pah-thres], /ˈpɑ dreɪz, -driz; Spanish ˈpɑ ðrɛs/, pa·dri [Italian pah-dree]. father (used especially in addressing or referring to a priest or member of the clergy).

Does Padre mean priest?

Word forms: padres

A padre is a Christian priest, especially one who works with the armed forces.

How do you use padre in a sentence?

Padre sentence example

As an army padre he has held a variety of appointments in Germany and the United Kingdom. You killed my father – Mato a mi padre . The service will be conducted by the RAF padre , and all are welcome.

Why is a padre called a padre?

“Padre” is thought to originate from the peninsular war, where soldiers adopted various Spanish and Portuguese words, and called their Chspkains “Padre” as a nickname. The tradition stuck. And became semi-official.

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What is another name for padre?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for padre, like: priest, father, minister, clergyman, pastor, chaplain, military chaplain, Holy Joe, sky-pilot, pio and nuestra.

What is a padre in the army?

The principal chaplains of the Army wear the rank of brigadier and in the RAAF, air commodore. Australian Army chaplains, whatever their rank, are mostly referred to as “Padre” by officers and soldiers alike. The title is also widely used in the RAAF for their chaplains.

Who is a Padre in Catholic Church?

1. a priest or clergyman. 2. a military chaplain.

What is the Padres in English?

padres → parents, forefathers, forebearers. … padre → Father. padre → father.

Are the Padres parents?

The plural “padres” refers to both parents male and female so for instance you could ask a child “¿dónde están tus padres? (where are your parents?) to ask for either or both.

What do you mean by amigo?

noun, plural a·mi·gos [uh-mee-gohz; Spanish ah-mee-gaws]. a friend, especially a male friend.