Do you need a will in Spain?

While writing a will in Spain is not essential, Spanish succession law comes into effect without a valid legal testament. This is generally considered a restrictive law, since it requires that most of the estate be left to specific relatives.

What happens if you don’t have a will in Spain?

What happens when someone dies without a will in Spain? If you don’t draft a legally valid will in Spain, then your assets will be dealt with in according to Spanish laws when you die. This essentially means that the estate will be administered either through UK or Spanish intestacy laws.

Do you need a Spanish will if you have property in Spain?

If you own property, have a bank account, a car or other assets in Spain, you need to write a Spanish Will. It does not matter whether you are Non-Resident or Resident, it is important to have a separate Will. This is a Will prepared and registered in Spain, covering just your assets in Spain.

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What happens to a property in Spain when the owner dies?

When one joint owner dies, ownership does not get transferred automatically to the other owner/s. Not without a probate process being completed through a Notary and if there is property also through Land Registry and Tax Office. Similarly, bank accounts, cars and other assets also need to be in a probate deed.

What are the inheritance rules in Spain?

Overall, the nationwide Law of Obligatory Heirs states that if the deceased was married at the time of death, the spouse keeps 50% of all jointly-owned property. The remaining 50% goes towards the estate. The division of the estate is into three equal portions: One third equally between any surviving children.

Does the eldest son inherit everything Spain?

Advice on how Spanish inheritance laws apply to your estate

Spanish Inheritance Law states that when you die your property will be shared among your heirs according to the law of your country of origin (unless you are resident in Spain and have no Will, in which case Spanish law and the forced heirs applies).

Who inherits the estate if no will?

Generally, only spouses, registered domestic partners, and blood relatives inherit under intestate succession laws; unmarried partners, friends, and charities get nothing. If the deceased person was married, the surviving spouse usually gets the largest share.

Can I write my own Spanish Will?

The Spanish successions law does not only make it possible for you to have the will you have in your country intact (not revoking it). It makes things even easier for you. Why? Because it uses your own countries inheritance laws.

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Is an English will valid in Spain?

There is still a consensus amongst the European community that drawing up a British will is sufficient for assets in Spain. It is both legal and within your rights to do this. … You will have to contact a lawyer in Spain who will in turn contact a lawyer in the country where the will was drawn up.

Does an English will override a Spanish Will?

Does an English will override a Spanish will? … Spanish law recognises a will made lawfully in any jurisdiction. That means that if you make an English will relating to all of your worldwide assets, it will include your Spanish property.

Who inherits property in Spain?

The general Spanish Succession Law stipulates that your descendants (children) automatically inherit at least two-thirds of your Spanish estate, with priority over a surviving spouse.

What do I do if I don’t want my inheritance?

How to Make a Disclaimer

  1. Put the disclaimer in writing.
  2. Deliver the disclaimer to the person in control of the estate – usually the executor or trustee.
  3. Complete the disclaimer within nine months of the death of the person leaving the property. …
  4. Do not accept any benefit from the property you’re disclaiming.

Is probate required in Spain?

This means that there is no legal necessity for Spanish authorities to get involved in an estate probated abroad, even if there are assets in Spain, except in special circumstances. Beneficial ownership is not recognised in Spanish law.

How do I avoid inheritance tax in Spain?

Tips to reduce inheritance tax in Spain

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Regarding financial assets, specialists recommend moving them to jurisdictions outside of Spain to avoid paying inheritance tax in the country. In regards to property, it is best to have a mortgage as it reduces the base amount on which the tax rate is calculated.

How much can a son inherit tax free?

It’s primarily a Dublin issue. With a tax-free threshold of €335,000 per child, and average house prices of about €220,000 outside the capital, paying tax on an inheritance is only an everyday concern for a certain few outside the capital, even if it does exercise the minds of many.

Can I leave my estate to my nieces free of inheritance tax?

“Can I leave my estate to my nieces free of inheritance tax?” “You can gift any sum of money during your lifetime without incurring an immediate IHT liability. The value of the gift will remain in your taxable estate for 7 years from the date it is made; provided you survive 7 years, it will not attract an IHT charge.”