Frequent question: Is there public transportation in Madrid?

The best way to get around Madrid is by metro. A handful of metro lines extend as far north as the Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) as well as into the city’s southern suburbs. Buses are an option, too, as are metered taxis, which can be hailed on the street or found in ranks throughout the city.

Is public transportation good in Madrid?

Madrid public transportation is clean, fast, safe, extensive and efficient. It includes 13 metro lines, more than 170 bus lines (EMT), 3 tram lines and 10 lines of Cercanias (local trains that link the city centre with the suburbs).

Is public transportation free in Madrid?

With this Card, children can use all the public transport services of the Community of Madrid free of charge during the validity period of the card, which expires on the day when they turn 7. Children under the age of four may travel without a ticket.

How do you get around Madrid without a car?

Walking Compact city centre makes walking a good option, but it’s hillier than it first appears.

  1. More Information. Madrid has an excellent public transport network. …
  2. Bus. Buses operated by Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid travel along most city routes regularly between about 6.30am and 11.30pm. …
  3. Metro. …
  4. Taxi. …
  5. Train.
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How much does public transportation cost in Madrid?

Single Tickets

SINGLE TICKETS 1 JOURNEY Metro Zone A Up to 5 stations 1.50 € 6 stations 1,60 € 7 stations 1.70 € 8 stations 1,80 € 9 stations 1,90 € 10 stations or more 2,00 €

Do I need a car in Madrid?

For in-city sightseeing, you are best WITHOUT a car. The bus and metro systems are excellent. Taxis are abundant and pretty cheap. Outside of the cities, you still might be able to do without a car, depending on where you plan to go.

Is it easy to get around Madrid?

Madrid is big but it’s very easy to get around using the city’s excellent public transport system. If you expect to use public transport extensively, it is worth thinking about getting a travel tourist pass (abono turístico) covering the subway, bus and train. The subway is the best way to get around.

Is Madrid walkable?

Madrid, though large, is an extremely walkable city. We enjoyed two days of long strolls traversing from Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, through the upscale Salamanca area. … The nightlife in Madrid is undisputedly some of the best in the world.

Does Madrid have a subway?

Boasting over 300 stations, the Madrid Metro currently comprises twelve metro lines, three Metro ligero tram lines and a special Ramal line connecting Ópera and Principe Pío stations.

How do I get Abono in Madrid?

For your appointment, you need to bring 4 Euros, a photocopy of your passport or NIE (they will not make the photocopy for you at the appointment office), your actual passport or NIE. An electronic picture of you will be taken there. You can also choose to pay for the 30 days (month-ish) at that time.

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