How are addresses written in Barcelona?

Addresses in Barcelona may include the street name, building number, floor level, and apartment number. … For example, Carrer Balmes 155, 3º, 1ª indicates that the apartment is on the tercero (third) floor, primera (first) door.

How do you address an envelope to Barcelona?

08008 Barcelona

The street name is followed by the building number and, if it is an apartment, the floor and door number. The next line is for the post code (codi postal in Catalan and código postal in Castilian) and the name of the town or city.

How do you read an address in Spain?

The format for writing an address in Spanish closely follows the format in English, except that in Spanish, the street typically comes before the building number:

  1. street + house or building number.
  2. apartment number (if applicable)
  3. city, state, country (if applicable)
  4. zip code.

Which province is Barcelona in?

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