How do u say handsome boy in Spanish?

‘Buen mozo’ is a Spanish phrase that people use to call a boy ‘handsome’. It could be translated as ‘good-looking’, ‘gorgeous’, or simply ‘handsome’. On top of expressing that a man is attractive, ‘buen mozo’ also describes their personality and presence.

How do you say beautiful boy in Spanish?

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  1. Bello / Bella – “Beautiful” …
  2. Bonito / Bonita – “Pretty” or “Nice” …
  3. Guapo / Guapa – “Handsome” …
  4. Lindo / Linda – “Lovely” …
  5. Bueno/Buena – “Good Looking” …
  6. Hermoso/Hermosa – “Gorgeous” …
  7. Atractivo/Atractiva – “Attractive” …
  8. Radiante – “Radiant”

What is handsome baby boy in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. chico guapo. More Spanish words for handsome boy. chico hermoso. handsome boy.

How do you say boy in Spanish slang?

Chaval – The Spanish word for “boy” or “kid”. In Mexico, “chamaco”.

What is the Mexican word for boy?

Niño or niña, muchacho or muchacha, and chico or chica are the most common words used in Spanish to refer to children. In traditional Spanish, masculine plural forms such as niños are used to refer to groups of children that include boys and girls.

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Is Guapo a compliment?

Now, here are some Spanish compliments to a man: Qué guapo. “How handsome.” Qué bonito.

What’s Hermosa?

Hermosa is the feminine version of the word beautiful in Spanish, meaning that this word would refer to a feminine object or person. For example: La mujer hermosa means the beautiful woman.

What is Papi Chulo?

In Latin-American Spanish slang, a papi chulo is an attractive man.

What is the meaning of Chico Guapo?

handsome guy. Last Update: 2015-12-20. Usage Frequency: 1.

What is a synonym of Guapo?

(of a man) Aesthetically pleasing to view or look at. attractive. gorgeous. fine. stunning.

What is the male version of Chica?

Nouns that end in -o are usually masculine. Nouns that end in -a are usually feminine. Notice the word usually! There are exceptions to these two rules and you will soon be learning them.

Gender of Nouns.

Masculine Feminine
perro perra
chico chica
abuelo abuela

What are some cool Spanish words?

20 Coolest Words in Spanish

  • tranquilo – Cool, quiet, composed, laid back, chilled out. …
  • escuincle – Kid, brat.
  • chamba – A Mexican word that means “work”. …
  • órale – Mexican word that means “OK”, “alright” or “go for it!”
  • dale – Argentine version of órale.
  • escopeta – A shotgun.
  • genio – Literally means “genius”.

What is Ese Spanish?

Ese is a Spanish slang term which means comrade, pal or friend.

What do Spanish guys call their girlfriends?

Spanish Endearments for Romantic Relationships

girlfriend novia
cariño dear/darling
querido/a my love
muñeca doll
corazón sweetheart

What do Mijo mean?

The term mija is a colloquial contraction of the Spanish words mi (“my”) and hija (“daughter”). Its male counterpart is mijo, joining mi and hijo (son). … Spanish-speaking parents, naturally, often use mija when getting the attention of a female child or speaking to them fondly.

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Does Muchacho mean in Spanish?

Muchacho is a Spanish word for boy or young man.