Is there an RSPCA equivalent in Spain?

There is no equivilant of the RSPCA in Spain.

What is the equivalent of RSPCA in Spain?

Seprona (Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza) is a Guardia Civil unit that manages nature conservation and animal welfare across Spain.

Does Spain have animal welfare laws?

Spain has passed a new animal welfare law recognizing animals as sentient beings. The country will no longer consider pets and wild animals as “objects,” according to the legislation. Spain’s lower house, the Congress of Deputies, passed the new law.

How do you report animal cruelty in Spain?

To report an act of animal cruelty, mistreatment, neglect, injury or distress in Spain, you must go to the police in person and make a written report, called a denuncia. This must be done at your local Police Comisaría. See this link for a full list of local offices across every region in Spain.

What countries does the RSPCA work in?

Our current activities, undertaken with RSPCA International, are largely focused in east and southeast Asia, eastern Europe and southern Africa.

Is Spain cruel to animals?

SPAIN is not historically famous for its kindness to animals. … But an estimated 60,000 animals die horrific and lingering deaths every year in Spain as part of tradition fiestas – a shameful toll of torture.

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How do people in Spain treat animals?

Spain’s current Penal Code imposes a penalty of three months to one year for cruelly mistreating pets or unjustifiably causing death or serious physical impairment. This legislation applies only to pets, and it is not clear whether this legislation protects animals from suffering caused by a failure to act.

Which country has the best animal welfare?

Best Countries for Animal Welfare

Rank Country Overall Grade
1 Austria A
2 New Zealand A
3 Switzerland A
4 United Kingdom A

Where is the RSPCA head office?

The bulk of the RSPCA’s income is made up of donations and legacies, making up £108.6m in 2019, down from £122.6m in 2018. Legacies account for £69m in 2019 (2018: £81.4m), while donations were £39.6m (2018: £41.2m).

What percentage of RSPCA donations go to animals?

More than 80 percent of your donation will go to rescuing and rehoming or releasing vulnerable animals. This means abandoned dogs and cats will be cared for, or an injured fox can get a much needed check-up. Most importantly, it ensures that the voice of all animals can be heard.