Question: Why did the Spanish bring African slaves to Latin America?

With the rise of sugar cultivation as an export product in 1810, Spaniards increasingly utilized enslaved African people for labor on commercial plantations.

Why did Latin America need slaves?

Slavery in practice

Over 70 percent of slaves in Latin American worked on sugar cane plantations due to the importance of this crop to economies there at the time. Slaves also worked in the production of tobacco, rice, cotton, fruit, corn and other commodities.

When did the Spanish start using African slaves?

Spain began to trade slaves in the 15th century and this trade reached its peak in the 16th century. The history of Spanish enslavement of Africans began with Portuguese captains Antão Gonçalves and Nuno Tristão in 1441.

Why did early Spanish and Portuguese settlers force African people to work as slaves in Latin America?

Why did early Spanish and Portuguese settlers force African people to work as slaves in Latin America? They needed labor for sugarcane and coffee plantations. … Europeans sought to replace the indigenous people forced to work as slaves after many were killed by diseases.

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How was slavery in the Americas different from slavery in Africa?

Forms of slavery varied both in Africa and in the New World. In general, slavery in Africa was not heritable—that is, the children of slaves were free—while in the Americas, children of slave mothers were considered born into slavery.

How did African slaves contribute to the development of the Americas?

Explanation: Slaves were dported to the Americas in order to work in the agricultural sector. They worked in cotton fields and also in tobacco and indigo plantations. … Slavery was legal everywhere in the colonies before 1776 but in the South they were much more numerous and were more crucial to the economy.

Why did the Spanish import slaves from Africa?

To meet the mounting demand for labor in mining and agriculture, the Spanish began to exploit a new labor force: slaves from western Africa. … Further, because Africans came from developed agricultural societies, they were already familiar with highly organized tropical agriculture.

How many slaves did the Spanish bring to America?


. Mainland North America Slaves arriving under Spanish flag
1701–1760 188,900 300
1761–1820 184,200 133,600
1821–1867 500 563,100
Total 388,700 1,026,100

How did the Spanish justify slavery?

Two of the principal arguments used to justify the enslavement of Amerindians were the concepts of “just war” (i.e. the notion that anyone who refused to accept Christianity, or rebelled against Spanish rule, could be enslaved), and “rescate” or ransom (the idea that Amerindians held captive by other groups could be …

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