What subjects do you have in Spanish?

What are the Spanish subjects?

School subjects

Spanish English
la biología biology
la geografía geography
la historia history
la economía economics

How many exams are there for Spanish?

Official certificate on Spanish proficiency. SIELE exams are comprised of up to 4 specific exams (from A1 to C1) certifying all the linguistic competencies in Spanish: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

What are 2 ways to say a in Spanish?

“A / An” in Spanish

For singular/masculine we use: Un coche. For singular/feminine we use: Una mesa. For masculine plural we use: Unos coches. For plural feminine we use: Unas mesas.

What is Spanish Sol in English?

sol, el ~ (m) sun, the ~ Noun.

What are the 10 subject pronouns in Spanish?

The Spanish subject pronouns are: yo, tú, él, ella, usted in the singular, and nosotros/nosotras, vosotros/vosotras, ellos/ellas, ustedes in the plural. Don’t use the subject pronouns (other than usted and ustedes) with verbs except for emphasis or clarity. Make sure you choose the correct form of the verb.

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What are the 12 subject pronouns in Spanish?

The 12 Personal Subject Pronouns of Spanish

  • yo — I.
  • tú — you (singular familiar)
  • usted — you (singular formal)
  • él, ella — he, she.
  • nosotros, nosotras — we.
  • vosotros, vosotras — you (plural familiar)
  • ustedes — you (plural formal)
  • ellos, ellas — they.

How do u say 15 in Spanish?

Write the names of the numbers in Spanish.

Number English (pronunciation) Spanish (pronunciation)
15 fifteen (FIF-teen) quince (KEEN-say)
16 sixteen (SIKS-teen) dieciséis (dee-AY-see-saze)
17 seventeen (SEV-en-teen) diecisiete (dee-AY-see-see-AY-tay )
18 eighteen (ATE-teen) dieciocho (dee-AY-see-och-o)

How hard is Spanish CLEP?

The test can be challenging, as it involves material typically covered over two to three college semesters, and it contains a variety of question formats. Unlike Advanced Placement courses, CLEP exams are not accompanied by a yearlong class, so preparing may seem like a broad and difficult task.

Is Spanish 4 an AP class?

Normally you will take Spanish 1 to 4 and be able to choose advanced placement courses at the higher levels. Anyone can take the exam regardless of whether or not they have studied Spanish.

By the Numbers.

Score Percentage
3 26.9%
2 9.2%
1 1.4%

How do you make El Plural?

The definite articles (el, la) also change in the plural form. They become “los” and “las.” The definite articles will be covered in depth in the next lesson. If a noun ends in a consonant, make it plural by adding -es. If a noun ends in -ión, add -es and drop the written accent.

How do you use LA in Spanish?

You use “al” (a contraction of a + el) when you are taking about a masculine noun and “a la” when you are talking about a feminine noun.

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What does ESO mean in Spanish slang?

As you probably know, “eso” is a neuter pronoun literally meaning “that” which can be used to refer to a previously spoken topic, in this case, what you just wrote him.

What do hace viento mean?

masculine noun

1. Meteorology. wind. corre / hace mucho viento — it is very windy.

What does la nieve?

la nieve. the snow; the snowfall. – precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals 1. snow [the ~] noun.