What were the similarities and differences between Spanish and British colonization?

The Spanish and English colonies were slightly alike in the poor and unfair treatment of indigenous people and substantially different in religion and economic base. The Spanish and English were slightly comparable in terms of treatment of indigenous people because of enslavement of native people and taking their land.

What were the similarities and differences between the Spanish and English colonization?

Spanish & English colonization processes (1450-1800) were similar and different: Political: both had specific governing system. spanish viceroys held broader power, english colonies had local governments. Social: slaves made up a lot of population, both shipped in african slaves. spanish used “encomienda” and “mita”.

How did British colonization differ from Spanish colonization?

How did characteristics of British colonization differ from Spanish colonization? British did not allow intermarriage, Spanish had slavery, British took a lot of land. What were three reasons for the development of the slave trade? Why can the Pueblo Revolt be seen as a WATERSHED event in Spanish colonial history?

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What are the similarities between Spanish and English?

Fortunately for Spanish-speaking English language learners (ELLs), there are many similarities between English and Spanish. First of all, both languages use the Roman alphabet. That knowledge helps build a phonemic and phonological foundation. Secondly, 30% to 40% of all words in English have a related word in Spanish.

What is one important similarity between the goals of the Spanish and the English in establishing colonies in the Americas prior to 1700?

One similarity between the goals of the Spanish and English when establishing colonies prior to the 1700s was their prioritization God, gold, and glory. Each wanted to expand their empire and became more powerful because of the resources found in America.

What were some of the main differences among the non Spanish colonies?

What were some of the main differences among the Non-Spanish Colonies? The French did not have anything against the Indians, the dutch wanted to gain trading outpost, the English wanted to establish a colony, the Spanish wanted God, Glory, and Gold.

What are two reasons that the Spanish and French colonized America?

Spain colonized America because they were searching for gold and silver. They did find a lot of gold and silver when they conquered the Aztec and Inca Empires. France colonized North America because of the great amount of furs they found there.

What are some differences between English and Spanish in morphology?

Spanish syntax varies in relation to morphologic structure and complexity. Because Spanish relies so heavily on morphology to carry meaning, word order in Spanish can be quite flexible. In contrast, English word order is more critical to meaning and, therefore, less flexible (Gutierrez-Clellen et al., 2000).

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What are the differences between the English and Spanish alphabets?

Their alphabets are also different, Spanish uses the Latin alphabet which means their words can have an accent to it like the letter ñ, while the English alphabet does not have any accents to their words. Spanish has a strong correspondence between the sound of a word and its spelling.

How is Spain different to the UK?

In the United Kingdom, people are much more formal and polite. They are more punctual than Spanish people, and they have a lot of respect for others. Spanish people upside down, they rarely give thanks. Spanish people greet with two kisses, and English people greet with hand.

What is one important similarity between the British colonies in the Chesapeake region and the British colonies in New England in the period from 1607 to 1754?

In both the New England and Chesapeake regions, English colonists established settler colonies based on agriculture, in contrast to French trading posts in Canada. These settlements were based on some form of agriculture and had some measure of self-sufficiency, especially in New England.

What was one main difference between the colonial models of England France and Spain?

How did English colonists differ from Spanish or French colonists? Spanish and French colonist were olny going to the americas for fur trads,gold and silver. England went there to get religious freedom and land.