Where would you shop for food in Spain?

Where do people buy food in Spain?

Food shopping at Spanish markets. Specialty stores in Spain. Health food shopping in Spain. Convenience stores.

Specialty stores in Spain

  • Bakery: panadería.
  • Butcher: carnicería.
  • Fishmonger: pescadería.

Where do Spaniards prefer groceries?

Supermercado – due to convenience and lower pricing points, Spaniards often shop at supermarkets. Here, you’ll find every product on your list, including drug store items. Be aware that some shops, like Alcampo and Carrefour, are large hypermarkets.

What are grocery stores called in Spain?

When talking about Spain supermarkets, Spar, Dia, Masymas, and Mercadona surely come to mind. But in addition to these Spanish chains, you have the French hypermarket Carrefour and the German stores Aldi and Lidl.

What is the main supermarket in Spain?

Mercadona held the largest share of the grocery retail market in Spain for the 12 weeks to January 3rd, 2020 with 23.2 percent, followed by Carrefour with 8.8 percent. Mercadona has the largest share of the market, Carrefour’s net sales per store in Spain is the second highest in this sector.

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What do people buy in grocery stores?

Generic products.

  • Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Pantry Staples. We all need staples such as cereal, bread, milk and eggs. …
  • Meat and Seafood. While it is now possible to buy fresh meat and seafood online, it is not always a great option. …
  • Frozen Foods. …
  • Generic Products.

Does Aldi deliver Spain?

Aldi Nord partners Glovo to expand into Spain and Portugal and test delivery service. Furthermore, the northern partner of the German discounter group is testing an online offer in Spain and Portugal. For the delivery service, Aldi Nord has teamed up with on-demand delivery startup Glovo.

What is shopping like in Spain?

Shopping in Spain is wide and varied and you will never far away from picking up a bargain, with shops of all shapes and sizes you can shop at large superstores, supermarkets, indoor markets, local weekly outdoor markets, car boot sales, local shops and 24-hour mini markets.

Which meal is usually the biggest in Spain?

Lunch (La Comida) The midday meal or la comida, as it is called in Spain, is the largest meal of the day. It is definitely a big meal and typically includes multiple courses and wine.

Is there Whole Foods in Spain?

Amazon is introducing Continental Europe to its organic food label Whole Foods, at first to visitors to Amazon’s sites in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Are there Aldis In Spain?

There are 266 Aldi outlets in Spain, mostly selling staple goods and weekly offers. It has a good reputation in Spain though it carries a smaller range of products than Lidl. Aldi also has a range of organic products which it is slowly expanding.

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How many Lidl stores are there in Spain?


Country Year opened No. of stores
Serbia 2018 57
Slovakia 2004 152
Slovenia 2007 63
Spain 1994 640

Which is the cheapest supermarket in Spain?

The supermarket Alcampo located in the Galician city of Vigo ranked as the most inexpensive supermarket in Spain that year, followed by the also Alcampo supermarket in the Andalusian Granada. Alcampo, branch of the French multinational retailer Auchan, was the supermarket chain that most appeared on the list that year.

What is a hypermarket store?

What Is a Hypermarket? A hypermarket is a retail store that combines a department store and a grocery supermarket. Often a very large establishment, hypermarkets offer a wide variety of products such as appliances, clothing, and groceries.

Is Mercadona cheaper than Lidl?

For what they sell, Lidl is cheaper than Mercadona. imo both sucks big time with both quality and price when it comes to vegetables and fruits.

Do Tesco deliver to Spain?

The Food Co. was set up in 2019 in order to bring the very best of the British Branded and Tesco Branded products direct to Spain, Portugal & Gibraltar.