You asked: How do you say at what time is it in Spanish?

-¿A qué hora?

How do you answer what time is it in Spanish?

When responding to these questions, the typical answer is just to say the time. Using A las/la hora y minutos de la mañana/tarde/noche. ¿A qué hora te despiertas? A las siete y cuarto de la mañana – At 7:15 in the morning.

How do you ask what time something is in Spanish?

The most common and easiest way for asking time in Spanish is “¿Qué hora es?” This question means “What time is it?” in Spanish, but it is not a literal translation as we use the word HORA instead of TIEMPO. We may ask differently depending on the formality of the conversation.

How do you answer a que hora es?

It is correct, but generally people just say: Son las cinco.

Is it El or La tiempo?

You should use “el tiempo”, because “beautiful” and “warm” are subjective (e.g. non-scientific) ways to describe the weather and they can respond to the subjective (non-scientific) question of “what’s the weather like?” = “¿qué tiempo hace?”, where the very “like” (in English) and “hace” in Spanish” allude to this …

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What Spanish word is used to express it is when saying it is one o clock?

“It is one o’clock.” Son las tres de la tarde.

How do you ask for the time of an event?

It is always safe to arrive at the exact time that you’re expected, or even slightly early.

How to ask about the time

  1. What time is it?
  2. What time does the ________ open?
  3. What time does the ________ close?
  4. What time should we meet?
  5. What time does the movie start?

How do you say it is 12 45 in Spanish?

It’s 12:45 (quarter to one). Es la una menos cuarto. It’s 1:45 (quarter to two). Son las dos menos cuarto.

What’s muy bien mean?

muy bien | Translation of VERY WELL into Spanish by Oxford Dictionary on also meaning of VERY WELL in Spanish.

How do you respond to Como estas?

When someone asks you ¿Cómo estás? If you feel alright, you say estoy bien; you could also say, estoy muy bien, to give more emphasis, which means “very good” or “very well.” You can also add one extra word, gracias, meaning “thanks”, and estoy bien, gracias; it means “I’m fine, thank you.” 2.

How do you ask someone what day it is in Spanish?

There are many different ways to ask someone how their day was in Spanish. Here are our favorite ways to say “how was your day?” How was your day? ¿Cómo estuvo tu día?

How do you say 6 15?

It’s six fifteen. It’s half past 6. It’s six thirty.

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How do you say 1am in Spanish?

However, the noun horas is omitted. Consequently, when referring to any time between 1 and 2, the expression es la is used as 1am/pm logically counts as a single hour.

How to Say the Time in Spanish.

Excuse me, Perdona, Perdone,
what time is it? …¿qué hora es? …¿qué hora es?

What word can be used in place of 30 to say it is 3 30 in Spanish?

03:30 h. Son las cuatro y cuarto. Son las cuatro y quince. 04:15 h.