Your question: Is Salou near Barcelona?

How close is Barcelona to Salou?

Salou is a popular family beach destination which is 68.61 Miles (110 km) South West of Barcelona and 11km south of Tarragona.

How long is transfer from Barcelona to Salou?

Taxi. The distance from Barcelona Airport to Salou is approximately 100 km. This will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes in a taxi. Salou is a popular summer destination.

How long is the train journey from Barcelona to Salou?

Barcelona to Salou by train

Journey time From 1h 6m
Distance 58 miles (94 km)
Frequency 10 trains per day
First train 06:03
Last train 21:03

Is there direct train from Salou to Barcelona?

Is there a direct train from Salou to Barcelona Sants? Yes, it is possible to travel from Salou to Barcelona Sants without having to change trains. There are 9 direct trains from Salou to Barcelona Sants each day.

Where in Spain is Salou?

Salou is located on on Spain’s Costa Dorada, just south of Barcelona, and has Europe’s biggest theme park on the doorstep.

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Is Salou a good holiday destination?

Salou is the most amazing place to be, and has something for everyone, all ages. Its warm, beside the beach, with lots of shops and bars, with quiet and loud areas. The locals are very friendly and there is always something to do. The theme park Port Aventua is amazing, and very cheap.

What Costa is Salou in?

Sunny Salou holidays 2022

Sunny Salou on the Costa Dorada is spectacular for summer holidays, packed with adventurous activities, brilliant beaches and plenty of hotels for families, couples and groups.

What airport serves Salou Spain?

Reus Airport is the closest airport to Salou, and you can fly there from London in just over two hours.

How much is a bus from Barcelona to Salou?

The best way to get from Barcelona to Salou without a car is to bus which takes 1h 38m and costs €12 – €19.

Is Costa Dorada near Barcelona?

The coast southwest of Barcelona is called Costa Dorada, or the golden coast. The most important city in this area is Tarragona with approximately 100.000 inhabitants. The area is relatively flat with great beaches with fine grained golden sand (hence the name Dorada).

Does Salou have a market?

The weekly markets in Salou are a must when planning what to do in Salou. The weekly market is an open-air place where you can buy all kinds of clothes and household items. … The tradition has survived and in Salou it is popularly known as “mercadillo”.

How much is bus from Salou to Tarragona?

The best way to get from Salou to Tarragona without a car is to bus which takes 26 min and costs €2 – €6.

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Does Salou have good nightlife?

Salou Nightlife Caters For Party Animals

The main ‘going out’ area is Carlos Buigas. It runs from the end of the beach and is lined with fun bars and clubs. … Salou nightlife attracts an international crowd of tourists and you’ll see Dutch, French and English people everywhere.

How do I get from Madrid to Salou?

The best way to get from Salou to Madrid is to train which takes 4h 54m and costs €50 – €110. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €40 – €75 and takes 7h 19m.

Is Salou train station closed?

Salou was a Rodalies de Catalunya railway station serving Salou, in Catalonia, Spain.

Salou railway station.

Opened 1865
Closed 13 January 2020