Your question: What does Pegao mean in Spanish?

What does pegao mean in Puerto Rican?

Another word is “pegao.” Pegao is actually a Puerto Rican slang word which means “close” as in to dance close.

What is the meaning of pegao in English?

“Pegao” From “pegado”(English: “Close”) is the first single by Wisin & Yandel from the album Los Vaqueros. Listeners interpret the song as expressing a desire to dance extremely close. “Ella lo baila pegao, pegao, pegao (she likes to dance mad close, close, close)”.

Why is it called pegao?

What makes pegao pegao is that is it literally the rice that is stuck (or pegao) to the bottom of the pot. Pegao is a slang term for stuck. Using that as the guide, people were quick to call out Ramsay for making his version that was not close to the original.

What do Cubans call crispy rice?

It is also eaten alone or used to make leftovers. In Dominican cuisine, scorched rice is called concón, though this word can refer to the crunchy, toasted underside of other food types, as well. In Puerto Rican cuisine, scorched rice is called pegao (shortened “pegado”, “stuck”).

What is the meaning of Con Con?

1 : an argument or evidence in opposition. 2 : the negative position or one holding it an appraisal of the pros and cons. con.

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What do Colombians call Pegao?

Pega, Cucayo, or Chicharras in Colombia, Pegao in Puerto Rico, Concón in the Dominican Republic, Concolón in Panama and Cocolón in Ecuador.