Best answer: Can I get UK Sky TV in Spain?

You can have the English language TV viewing package of your choice with no contract and no installation of Sky wherever you are in Spain. Sky Go gives access to Sky packages like Movies, Entertainment and Sports in your hotel or home in Spain additionally, you can view whilst on the go .

Can you still get Sky TV in Spain?

Sky is available to anyone in Spain with an internet connection through our app on iOS and android devices, web and on TV using Sky’s low cost, easy to use streaming box that is powered by the Roku streaming platform.

Can I use a sky box in Spain?

UK Sky & Freesat satellite receivers. Humax, Pace, Thompson & Amstrad. These do function in Spain but do not perform exactly the same way as they do in the UK. … If you use the card in a different box, you will be able to watch the free to air content, but not the premium Sky subscription channels.

Can I subscribe to Sky outside UK?

Want to watch Sky Go abroad outside the UK? You’ll need a VPN for Sky Go! … Sky Go is free to existing customers with cable or satellite subscriptions that include Sky TV channels. Note that to access Sky Sports, customers will need to subscribe to a plan which includes the sports package.

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Why is sky no longer available in Spain?

But with the expiration of the transition period and the United Kingdom´s withdrawal from the European Union, the portability rules no longer apply to UK-based paid-for online content providers. …

How do I get UK TV in Spain?

How to get British TV from Spain

  1. Sign up for a VPN from the list below. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Install the appropriate app for your device.
  3. Open the app, select a UK VPN server, and connect.
  4. Go to a UK video streaming site in your browser, choose your video, and enjoy.

What satellite does Sky use in Spain?

An active Sky viewing card and subscription are needed to view Channel Five HD. Freesat is a free digital service broadcast from the Astra 2 satellite. It needs a dish mounted on the outside of your house to receive the service, and a digital set-top box or a TV with an integrated satelliter receiver.