Can I buy a car in Spain and bring it to Portugal?

You can buy a car in any EU country and take it to any other, but, as has been pointed out to you, there will be taxes to pay, particularly if you have owned the car for less than 6 months.

How do I import a car from Spain to Portugal?

Step by step guide to import a car to Portugal

  1. Get your “Import a car to Portugal” file. …
  2. Access to “Portal das Finanças” …
  3. Certificate of Conformity (COC) and its homologation. …
  4. IMT model 9 form. …
  5. Fill out the DAV. …
  6. Pay the DUC. …
  7. Inspection. …
  8. Taxes to Import a car to Portugal.

How much tax do you pay to import a car to Portugal?

Used vehicles imported from any other country (Switzerland or the USA for example) don’t get any age discount on ISV and also have to pay 23% VAT (IVA), on top of any other customs duty, which range from 0% to 10%. More about this: ISV calculator (in portuguese).

Can I drive a Spanish registered car in Portugal?

Although some expats do; usually those who take a creative approach to Portuguese law generally. It is legal to run an insured, EU-registered vehicle in Portugal for up to six months.

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Can I buy a car in Spain as a non resident after Brexit?

Foreigners, whether from the European Union or not, may buy a car in Spain, either a second or a new one, and have their car to use in Spain for a total of 6 moths (it is not necessary a 6-month continuous period) in any calendar year.

Can a non resident buy a car in Portugal?

As a foreigner, you can buy a car in Portugal, but you must have : A proof of Portuguese domicile (a rental agreement, proof of purchase of real estate or a resident’s card) ; A tax number (NIF) ; An identity document (CNI, passport, driving license …).

Why are cars more expensive in Portugal?

Why are cars so expensive in Portugal when compared to other Western countries? – Quora. It’s because we have kind of double taxation on vehicles for both new and used – tax on car 23% plus a tax called Imposto sobre Vehiculos (ISV). (Auto tax). and it’s considered an eco tax because it’s calculated based on emissions.

How long can I drive a foreign car in Portugal?

Tourists and short-term visitors can drive in Portugal for up to six months using their foreign license.

How do I register my EU car in Portugal?

How to register a car in Portugal

  1. Start at an inspection center. First of all, you must take your car to an inspection center. …
  2. Next go to customs. Secondly, you need to go to a customs agent. …
  3. Lastly, use the “register a car” service at IMTT to complete your journey. …
  4. Don’t forget the car insurance.

Can I import my UK car to Portugal?

From 1 January 2021, any import of vehicles from the United Kingdom to Portugal is considered to be made from a third territory, regardless of any previous status (be it an EU manufactured vehicle or not, being registered before Brexit, etc.).

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