How do I tax my car in Murcia Spain?

Where Do I Go To Pay? You can pay your road tax (Impuesto Sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica) at your local town hall office (known in Spain as Ayuntamiento) or you can get a bank direct debit up so you don’t have to think about it each year.

How do I pay my car tax online in Murcia Spain?

How do I pay my car tax and when is it due?

  1. Car Tax (due 21 June) go to:
  3. NOTE; As payment deadline was 21 June you cannot pay online now and will have to request a new bill with a fine added. …
  4. To pay online you will need to note the N28 Serial number:

Can I pay my Spanish car tax online?

It is possible to pay your Spanish road tax online, however, this will depend on the region you are in and whether your town hall has an online facility. The first place to check is your town hall’s website. Just Google for “fuengirola ayuntamiento”.

How do I pay my Suma car in Spain?

To do so address your request to SUMA, Plaza San Cristobal, 1, 03002 Alicante, or by email to

Other payment methods:

  1. Pay in installments.
  2. Setup a flexible payment plan.
  3. Self-assessment.
  4. Pay through the helpline, pay at Suma offices.
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How much does it cost to tax a car in Spain?

When you decide to buy a new car in Spain, you will have to pay a 21% of value added tax. This amount is already included in the final price the dealer shows you. When you buy a secondhand car, you also must pay Patrimonial Transfer Tax.

What is the Suma in Spain?

Suma Gestión Tributaria (Suma) is a 100% public provincial agency set up by the Provincial Council of Alicante (Spain) in 1990. It specializes in tax administration: assessment, billing, collection and enforcement. Suma collects the taxes on behalf of each city council with own resources.

How do I register my car in Spain?

How and why register your foreign car in Spain in 8 steps ?

  1. Obtain a certified translation of documents. …
  2. Obtain the Certificate of Conformity (C.O.C.) …
  3. Pass the technical control. …
  4. Fill Model 576 and pay Impuesto Especial sober Determinados Medios Transporte. …
  5. Set the tax Impuesto de Circulación Municipal.