How do you say number 12 in Spanish?

How do you say “twelve” in Spanish? – Doce. ¿Cómo se dice “twelve” en español? – Doce.

What are the numbers 1 to 20 in Spanish?

There’s no real pattern, you just have to learn them: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once, doce, trece, catorce, quince. Other than veinte (again), they all have a clear relationship with the related smaller number: cuatro cuarenta, ocho ochenta, etc.

What are three ways to say 12 o’clock in Spanish?

– It’s midnight. Es la medianoche. – It’s midnight. Ellos toman el bus de la medianoche.

How do you spell numbers in Spanish?


  1. 1 – uno.
  2. 2 – dos.
  3. 3 – tres.
  4. 4 – cuatro.
  5. 5 – cinco.
  6. 6 – seis.
  7. 7 – siete.
  8. 8 – ocho.

How do you say 12 00 French?

French has specific words for noon and midnight: midi (noon) and minuit (midnight). Those two words are used without saying heures.

  1. du matin (in the morning or a.m.) …
  2. de l’après-midi (in the afternoon or p.m.) …
  3. du soir (in the evening/at night or p.m.)

How do you say the numbers 1 10 in Spanish?

In this lesson, we learned the vocabulary and pronunciation for the numbers 1-10 in Spanish: uno (ooh-no), dos (dohs), tres (trays), cuatro (kwah-troh), cinco (seen-koh), seis (says), siete (syay-tay), ocho (oh-choh), nueve (nway-vay), diez (dyays).

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How do you say it is 12 45 in Spanish?

It’s 12:45 (quarter to one). Es la una menos cuarto. It’s 1:45 (quarter to two). Son las dos menos cuarto.

How do you spell 12 15?

[It is] twelve fifteen.

How do you write 4 15pm in Spanish?

04:15 h. Son las cinco menos cuarto.