Is it hard to get a job in Barcelona?

Finding work in Barcelona is not impossible but it can require time and patience. Although, as Barcelona is one of the largest international cities in the world, finding a job in Barcelona as an expat can be easier than in other parts of Spain.

Is it difficult to get a job in Spain?

What is true: Is it impossible to get a job in Spain? Well, no. But it is impossible, it seems, to make big bucks unless you become self-employed, called autónomo. Average salaries in Spain are still below the rest of Europe (though this balances out somewhat with the reasonable cost of living).

What jobs are in demand in Barcelona?

According to the data gathered from the interviews with Human Resources directors, the categories currently in the highest demand in Spain are: Sales (26.34%), Engineering (24.19%), Technology (23.12%), Marketing (9.14%) and Administration, Finance and Legal (4.30%).

Is it hard for foreigners to work in Spain?

As a foreigner it is hard to get a job once you are already in the country. Bear in mind that the Spanish job market it is very wide in big international cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, or Sevilla; so, if you want to move to more relucted towns, there are more obstacles to have in mind.

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What is a good salary to live in Barcelona?

Keep reading to answer the question ‘What is a good salary to live in Barcelona? ‘ The average salary in Barcelona is 5,700 EUR per month. The salaries range from 1140 EUR to 24,200 EUR.

What jobs pay well in Spain?

What is the best-paid job in Spain?

  • Surgeon, with an average salary of 64,500 euros yearly.
  • Project manager engineer, 59,900 euros.
  • Sales manager, with an average of 58,880 euros.
  • And IT director, with 48,000 euros a year.

Do you need to speak Spanish to get a job in Spain?

If you don’t speak Spanish, besides working for a multinational company, jobs in Spain for English speakers include tourism, real estate, teaching English, and services aimed at expats. For other types of employment, you will generally need to speak Spanish.

Is Barcelona good place to live?

It genuinely is an amazing city to live in

Whatever its flaws – and every city has them – Barcelona is honestly a great place to live. Aside from its many sights, attractions and events, it’s the lifestyle and quality of life that most people appreciate.

Is Barcelona a good place to work?

Barcelona has a privileged location and is very well communicated. It’s a digital and creative city ready to offer a professional career for you. Its high-quality education system together with the international talent has enabled to create a hub for entrepreneurship, research and innovation.

What is the most common job in Spain?

The service sector dominates the Spanish job market and major industries in the country include:

  • chemicals.
  • food and beverages.
  • medical equipment.
  • metals and metal manufacturing.
  • pharmaceuticals.
  • ship building.
  • textiles and apparel.
  • tourism.
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