Question: What is the opposite of the Spanish word gracioso?

▲ Opposite of courteous or well-mannered in one’s dealing with others. ungracious. discourteous. impolite.

What is gracioso?

Definition of gracioso

: a buffoon in Spanish comedy.

What is a synonym for gracioso?

as in antic, jester. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for gracioso. antic.

What is an antonym in Spanish?

a word that means the opposite of another word. antónimo.

What is the feminine form of gracioso?

gracioso (feminine graciosa, masculine plural graciosos, feminine plural graciosas) (superlative graciosísimo)

Is gracioso plural?

noun, plural gra·ci·o·sos [grey-shee-oh-sohz, grah-see-; Spanish grah-thyaw-saws]. a buffoon or clown in Spanish comedy.

What is the opposite of Simpatica?

The opposite is antipatico and put an acute accent on the second a because my keyboard doesn’t have it. So if someone is not very nice you can describe him or her as “una persona antipatica” (and add the accent again).

Does Serio mean serious?

Serious problems or situations are very bad and cause people to be worried or afraid.

What is the opposite of menos?

Opposites In Spanish: Spanish Vocabulary Words

Spanish English Spanish (Opposite)
más more menos
ordenado, limpio neat desordenado
organizado organized desorganizado
aparecer appear desaparecer
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What does gracioso mean in music?

: graceful, smooth, or elegant in style —used as a direction in music.

Does Trabajador mean hardworking?

hardworking, also UK: hard-working adj. trabajador/a adj.

How do you spell Graciosa?

Graciosa Island (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɡɾɐsiˈɔzɐ]) (literally “graceful” or “enchanting” in Portuguese) is referred to as the White Island, the northernmost of the Central Group of islands in the Azores.


Native name: Ilha Graciosa Nickname: Ilha Branca
Demonym Graciosense
Population 4,095 (2021)

What is the opposite of Gordo in Spanish?

votes. The opposite of “gordo” would be “flaco”.

What is the opposite of Aburrido in Spanish?

opposite of aburrido. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Currently unavailable. opposite. de enfrente.

Are there synonyms in Spanish?

In your native language, chances are that you can come up with multiple different words to communicate any idea you have. That is because all languages have plenty of synonyms, which are words with the same or extremely similar meanings. The same is true in Spanish.