What does the word triste mean in Spanish?

What is the meaning of the word triste?

Definition of triste

: sad, mournful also : wistful.

How do you use Triste in a sentence in Spanish?

sad, adj.

  1. se puso muy triste cuando se lo dije — he was very sad / unhappy when I told him.
  2. ¿ qué te pasa? te noto tristón — what’s the matter? you look miserable / sad.

Does Triste mean sad in Spanish?

how sad! ¡qué triste! ⧫ ¡qué pena!

What is another word for triste in Spanish?

muy triste: penoso; muy triste.

What language is triste?

“Triste” (meaning “Sad” in English) is a bossa nova song composed in 1966 by Antônio Carlos Jobim, who also wrote lyrics for it in both English and Portuguese.

How do you use triste?

How to use triste in a sentence

  1. J’ai toujours mpris la triste philosophie qui veut nous rendre insensibles la gloire. Private Letters of Edward Gibbon (1753-1794) Volume 1 (of 2)|Edward Gibbon.
  2. He was so triste, and withal very jealous, which was the more absurd, because he was old.
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What does Aburrido mean is Spanish?

aburrido adjective. bored, boring, dull, tired, tiresome.

How do you say scared in Spanish slang?

Reverse translation for scared

  1. aterrorizado.
  2. asustado – frightened, afraid.
  3. asustar – to scare, to frighten.
  4. espantar – to scare, to frighten.

How do you spell Gordo?

Gordo means fat, overweight or plump so the lottery would be translated as the Fat One.

What is Trieste in English?

Trieste in British English

(triːˈɛst , Italian triˈɛste) noun. a port in NE Italy, capital of Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, on the Gulf of Trieste at the head of the Adriatic Sea: under Austrian rule (1382–1918); capital of the Free Territory of Trieste (1947–54); important transit port for central Europe.

How do you say sad in Mexico?

Let’s take a look at some common word Spanish speakers might use if they want to express they are sad.

How to say “I’m sad” in Spanish

  1. Estoy triste. …
  2. Estoy bajo(a) de moral. …
  3. Estoy/Me siento desanimado(a) …
  4. Me siento derrotado(a) …
  5. Me siento decaído(a)

What is the meaning of the word pais?

Webster Dictionary

Paisnoun. the country; the people of the neighborhood.

What is the opposite of triste in Spanish?

well pleased. happy-go-lucky.

What is the opposite of triste in French?

Answer is cherry……

What is the opposite word of Serio in Spanish?

There are several opposites of serio. The most frequent are informal, desenfadado and alegre.