What does Yeppa mean in Spanish?

What is YEPA?

Acronym. Definition. YEPA. Year-End Performance Assessment (various organizations; Philippines)

What does EPA EPA mean in Spanish?

(informal) or épale (informal) exclamation (Latin America) hey! ⧫ wow!

What does Nebulation mean?

A clouded or ill-defined mark of colour. …

What does heffa mean in Spanish?

What does heffa mean in Spanish? Answer: “Heffa” is meant to be “JEFA” which means boss. Therefore referring to ones mother as your boss.

What country says EPA?

Learn This Venezuelan Slang to Speak Like a Local. Even if Venezuela is on your list of must-visit destinations, you might be hesitant to travel now.

What is EPA medical?

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is found along with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in cold-water fish, including tuna and salmon. … As a supplement, people most commonly use EPA for heart disease, preventing heart attack, and depression.

Is hefa a bad word?

A heifer is a young cow. … In the 1830s, heifer, which is pronounced “HEFF-er,” was first used as slang for “woman” or “girl.” Since then, it took on the meaning of a female who is obese. It is very rude to single people out because of the way they look and so heifer should never be used.

Is heffa a bad word?

Heffa (n) corruption of « Heifer », literally, a young cow; A pejorative term for a disagreeable, undesirable woman; used as an insult.

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Does patron mean boss in Spanish?

In Latin America a patrón is a boss for physical jobs and a jefe is a boss for a “sitting job”. The colonial patrón evolved into a kind of boss for harder jobs. Usually patrón is also more colloquial and used by lower classes, while jefe is used by people with a more technical well paid job.