You asked: How do I turn on Spanish subtitles on xfinity?

Does xfinity have Spanish subtitles?

Learn About X1 Language Choice in Spanish

The transport bar gives you easy access to Closed Captioning, SAP and audio description through the Audio Options panel. Learn more about programs with secondary audio programming on X1.

Where is the SAP button on xfinity remote?

Turn SAP On While Watching a Show

  1. While watching full-screen video, press the down arrow on your Xfinity remote. …
  2. Press the left key to move to the SAP button and press OK.
  3. When you select the SAP button, you’ll see the Audio Options panel and all available audio tracks for the program you’re watching.

How do I turn on subtitles on xfinity?

Press the B key on your Xfinity remote to reach Accessibility Settings. Press OK to toggle Closed Captioning On or Off. If choosing On, then proceed to Closed Captioning Options and select your preferred settings (font size, color and formatting).

How do I change the Language on xfinity?

Change the Default Language in Xfinity Connect

  1. Once in Xfinity Connect, click the Settings icon, which looks like a gear. …
  2. Select Email Settings.
  3. Select Basic settings.
  4. Click the down arrow in the Language selector to choose your desired language.
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What is SAP on xfinity?

Comcast provides SAP, or Secondary Audio Programming, as an optional audio track for select television programs. SAP audio commonly consists of another language such as Spanish, weather information or Descriptive Video Service for the visually-impaired.

How can I get Spanish subtitles on my TV?

To enable Spanish subtitling, click the gear icon, which is located to the immediate right of the CC box. A menu appears that includes a Subtitles tab. In parentheses, a number indicates the current number of subtitled languages for your chosen video. Click this area to open a menu of available languages.

How do I change SAP to English on xfinity?

Press the xfinity button on your remote. Highlight Settings (the gear icon) and press OK on your remote. You can get to Audio Language (SAP) Reset from Device Settings > Audio, Language, or Accessibility Settings. Highlight one of them and press OK on your remote.

What is the SAP button?

Second audio program (SAP), also known as secondary audio programming, provides audio tracks in languages other than the native language that was recorded in a program. This feature is only available on the TV if you use an antenna or cable without a set-top box.

Where is SAP button on remote?

To enable SAP in the iGuide: Press the Menu button twice on your remote control to view the General Settings menu. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Setup and press OK/Select. Highlight Audio Setup and press OK/Select.

Where is the menu button on my Xfinity remote?

Silver Remote: The Menu button is the red oval button located to the right of the center of the remote. Find the right-facing arrow button and move your thumb to the right and then down. XR2: The XFINITY (Menu) button is five rows down from the top in the center of the remote.

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How do you change Spanish to English on Xfinity Remote?

To change Xfinity menu from Spanish to English for voice remote, you’ll press the Xfinity button and select the gear icon. Select OK, then use the down arrow to navigate to Voice Search Language. When you press OK there, you’ll be prompted to change the Xfinity menu from Spanish to English.

Why is my TV speaking in Spanish?

Major television networks usually broadcast their channels in two languages, Spanish and English. Spectrum TV channels are normally programmed to air in the English language but if you are watching channels with Spanish audio, then you might have changed the settings unknowingly or accidentally.

Why is xfinity football in Spanish?

Viewers can use a setting on their TVs to switch between languages. If you’re hearing the broadcast in another language, it’s likely a setting on your TV was accidentally changed. … If the broadcast is still in another language, and you’re watching the game on cable, you may need to adjust a setting in your cable box.